Maranatha Christian Church has facilities with the purpose of transmitting the teaching of the doctrine revealed by the Lord. They are the Mahanaims, which operate throughout the national territory and abroad.

Today there are 60 of those facilities, the first of them, the Mahanaim of Domingos Martins, founded in the 1970s, is located in a rural area in the heart of the Atlantic Forest, 40 kilometers from Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, the State where the church started.

Seminar in the Maanaim of Governador Valadares

With its own infrastructure and method of administration, the place is also called “Mahanaim City”, where the transmission of all the doctrine of the Work that the Holy Spirit of God has been carrying out in the midst of the Church. Its space has a wide structure of monitoring by Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), which makes use of an automated control of its facility, equipped with selective waste collection and a wide communications network, by means of walkie-talkies.

Today, it has an extension of approximately 52.1 acres, 200,000 m² of paved area and a constructed area of over 30,000 m², with the capacity to congregate up to 4,000 people per seminar every fortnight

The Mahanaims are also intended for the holding of Maranatha Christian Church events. They are pleasant places, with all the conditions for the members to absorb the learning and the knowledge of what the Lord God has been operating in the midst of the Church.

The Maanaim of Domingos Martins, besides being a bucolic and pleasant space, it’s also part of a work to stimulate environmental preservation and education. It focuses on the fundamental strategy for the environmental sustainability preached by Maranatha Church to its members around the world.

Environmental Workshop at Maanaim by Domingos Martins

Environmental Education

he environmental education process has always existed in Domingos Martins, with the selective collection of garbage, correct destination, use of the organic material in composting for plants and gardens located in the rural area.

But in 2014, concerned about the water shortage, Maranatha Christian Church leadership also initiated a water sustainability project in the Mahanaim of Espírito Santo State.

Today, water consumption in Mahanaim is 180 liters inhabitant/day, which corresponds to approximately 637,380 liters per day of drinking water, considering an average population of 3,541 people per event.

For this reason, the reuse water treatment station was developed, capable of treating 6 liters of sewage per second, transforming this effluent into water in conditions to be reused. All this process is done through the Water Treatment Station (ETA – Estação de Tratamento de Água).

The procedures, defined by ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) 13.969/97 as classes 2 and 3, guarantee sanitary water in conditions for use in non- drinkable purposes, such as cleaning of roads, toilet flushes and other standardized purposes.

Besides being an attitude towards the sustainable use of water resources, it also reduces costs and avoids the release of undesirable chemicals used in water treatment into the environment. The planet sustainability is one of the fundamental principles for Maranatha Christian Church.


Because it is sustainable in all aspects, the Mahanaim of Espirito Santo is also installing a new reforestation project in its small open area, through an environmental education project that has the special participation of children, intermediates and adolescents of Maranatha Christian Church.

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